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Welcome To Automate Grow Sell Newsletter! Something New... I've wanted to put together a great newsle
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Derreck Smallwood
Welcome To Automate Grow Sell Newsletter! 
Something New… I’ve wanted to put together a great newsletter for quite sometime for our subscribers. I will be sharing with you a short list of some cool things I’ve discovered recently. Creativity, productivity hacks and more. I hope you enjoy the issues!
This Month our focus at Automate Grow Sell has been on Accountability and we have already had great feedback on articles we have shared this month. 
Set A Negative Consequence
Not long ago I reread The Success Principles by Jack Canfield; he shares a story about a business executive who wanted to learn how to swim and jump off a diving board. He committed to a very negative consequence in front of his team to hold himself accountable.
When you set a negative consequence, and you are someone who follows through, this can create tremendous tension to be accountable.
I experimented with negative accountability strategies for entrepreneurs in a group-coaching program Im a part of. Members had to set a negative consequence for not following through on their commitments.
Two weeks later, all but three had done what they said they were going to do - 83% of them. That is a testament to how effective this strategy can be! The feedback was that it lit a fire under them to get things done because they didn’t want to have to follow through on the consequence they set.
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Blog Articles This Month
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When: April 5th
What will you learn? 
  • Secret 1: How to permanently eliminate B and C level players from your business
  • Secret 2: How to quickly identify if a prospect is Hungy, Humble and a Team Player
  • Secret 3: How to identify someone with a victim mentality
How to Recruit “A” Players using our automated funnel that eliminates “B” & “C” players and increase your chance of an “A” player by 90%!
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